A Pleasant Surprise


Dukes of Hazzard, The (2005) Review 5
Director:Jay Chandrasekhar,
Starring:Johnny Knoxville, Seann William Scott, Jessica Simpson, Burt Reynolds, and Willie Nelson
Length:106 minutes


Now that the lawsuit has been settled for a reported $14 million, the good people of Broken Lizard® are now free to inflict on the World yet another remake of a lousy television series. Why they, or anyone else would want to do this is beyond me, but here we go again…sheesh!

Okay, Broken Lizard® hasn’t done exactly this type of film before, I liked “Puddle Cruisers” and “Club Dread” and maybe doing a retread sitcom will get them the professional clout to do a mega-billion comic-book SciFi blockbuster or something like that, whatever….

I’ve never actually seen an entire episode of “The Dukes of Hazzard” TV show, or the original movie “Moonrunners,” on which it was based [ and as to the latter apparently neither had anyone at Broken Lizard, hence the lawsuit] so this is something totally new to me. I was fearing that like many a TV remake flick, this would be absolutely horrible. I was pleasantly surprised. It doesn’t SUCK [that badly].

The film is basically a live-action cartoon, the jolly adventures of Bo (Seann William Scott) and Luke Duke (Johnny Knoxville), a pair of good ol’ boys who like to drive fast while delivering their Uncle Jesse’s (Willie Nelson) illegal moonshine whiskey. They and their overly sexy cousin Daisy (Jessica Simpson) do what they did in the TV series, regularly defeat and humiliate moronic Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane (M.C. Gainey) , and his superior, the nefarious Boss Hogg (Burt Reynolds). They also get to blow stuff up and crash lots of cars in the process.

Now, as this is a major motion picture, the Dukes get to also go to Atlanta to check up on some sorority hotties and get one of them to help analyze scientifically the evidence of Boss Hogg’s nefarious scheme destroy Hazzard county and everything it stands for.

This means that the Duke boys get to defeat the entire Altanta police department. More car crashes!!! Wowzers! Then we get to see Daisy in a bikini in order to sexually harass the cops. How cute!!!

You want intelligent discourse on the state of illegal drug sales, sexual and racial relations in the southlands? Don’t go here. Just turn off your brain and go with the flow.

Remember, while they may enhance the enjoyment of this particular film, the taking of illegal drugs is a crime.