Good Directorial Debut


Come Early Morning (2006) Review 5
Director:Joey Adams,
Starring:Ashley Judd, Jeffrey Donovan, Laura Prepon, and Scott Wilson
Length:97 minutes

Come Early Morning (2006) Review 7

Arkansas is just like anyplace else. You have the same people with dysfunctional families looking for love in all the wrong places. Sometimes they make good stories and sometimes they don’t.

”Come Early Morning” gives an opportunity for all those actors with southern accents to do a romantic, slice-of-life melodrama that would otherwise take place in New York or LA.

Lucy (Ashley Judd) is a contractor who when not working or taking care of her grandparents likes to get drunk and get laid. This is what basically happens until she meets Cal (Jeffrey Donovan) and there’s the beginnings of a romance, something that freaks Lucy out, annoying both Cal and her roommate Kim (Laura Prepon). She also finds her long-lost Dad (Scott Wilson), who was once a brilliant guitar player, and there’s a tentative reconciliation while they go to church together, but it never gets that far.

In fact this film is generally about nothing. There’s an attempt to show some growth in some relationships, but there really isn’t any and we’re left where we started.

Joey Adams, who’s one of those quirky ingénue actresses has decided to further her career in a new direction before losing her good looks to aging. This is not a great film by any means, but it’s a good start all the same.