Paying The Price


A Supermarket Love Song (2006) Review 5
Director:Daniel Outram,
Starring:Bernard Gallagher and Natalia Rush
Length:13 minutes


The old man leaves the door open to his small government subsidized dwelling because he doesn’t want to get up when people come by. But people hardly ever drop in.

Because she’s been ordered to do so by her parole officer, Suzanne, a teenager, pays the old man a visit. Her job is to help him go to the grocery store. At first, Suzanne begrudgingly takes the assignment. At her young age, she feels she’s got nothing to learn and owns no one anything.

Daniel Outram’s short film “A Supermarket Love Song” is a disarming little ode to age both young and old. It is whimsical and tragically telling. What starts as a simple assignment for the cocky Suzanne turns into a life lesson sorely needed. Early on viewers might chuckle as the old man struggles to keep up with Suzanne who’s determined to make this job last no longer than what is required. Amusingly, the old man scurries about behind the bounding insensitive girl as they make their way to the store. But as the minutes tick by something serious is transpiring.

I’m a fan of the short film form. If done well, a short film can be more satisfying than one much longer. It can be harder to tell a story briefly than in ad nauseam. Often these films have trouble telling a cohesive complete narrative. They either attempt to jam too much story into to little screen-time or attempt to tell too little story leaving audiences feeling as though they just saw a movie trailer.

“A Supermarket Love Song” is a finely tuned short that is whole introducing us to interesting characters whose interaction leads to a thought-provoking conclusion. It will leave you contemplating your future or drawing upon your past.